Nick Arellano, Managing Partner , Your Legacy PartnersNick Arellano, Managing Partner
For every business owner, selling their business is a major life event. They need specialized and strategic planning to prepare for the eventual transfer of their business, which causes a lot of stress and uncertainty. Exit strategies vary by business type and size, but robust plans recognize the true value of a business and provide a foundation for its future direction. Without proper knowledge of the exit planning process, organizational structure, and business goals, business expansion can be a complicated task with an unsatisfactory outcome.

Your Legacy Partners, with its certified exit planning advisors (CEPA), helps business owners navigate this complex transition with ease by helping them align their goals and build transferable value for their company.

Your Legacy Partners has been supporting firms in their business mergers and acquisitions as a reliable partner for more than two decades. Resembling its name, its mission is to create more positive legacy transitions for business owners.

“We want to make the sale of your company more than just a transaction. We regard it as a journey,” Nick Arellano, managing partner at Your Legacy Partners.

Most business owners are emotionally connected to their businesses, and the notion of selling their company and pursuing the next path can feel frustratingly beyond their control. Your Legacy Partners steps in to help business owners envision and plan for the eventual transition. Its wide range of services includes business valuation, M&A advisory, strategic and succession consulting, and transaction support, among others.
Each service is custom-built to deliver a personal, relationship-based, people-first experience. Unlike other services, they cater to both buyers and sellers. It offers business owners the best way to maximize value and exit their businesses, put a smile on their faces, and carve an inspiring path forward.

This is done via a three-phased approach that helps business owners exit on their terms. The first step is to assist business owners in comprehending the whole exiting process by deciphering what is required, preparing for the decisions they eventually need to make, anticipating the exit timeline, and delving into what is genuinely important. Based on the discussions and assessments, the Your Legacy Partners team guides and shows them all the beneficial options. From there, it develops specific action plans that place businesses on a path to achieving optimal value. Within a 90- day timeframe, the team executes the prioritized action plan to enhance value or derisk.
  • We want to make the sale of your company more than just a transaction. We regard it as a journey

It then designs powerful marketing material, highlighting aspects of the client’s business with the most value for a buyer. Your Legacy Partners’ vast network and established process allow them to confidentially reach a large pool of qualified buyers. It has various pre-defined criteria, which the team uses to screen buyers. Once the buyer is finalized, the next step is negotiating to ensure the deal structure is a win-win for all parties.

Even after a sale is made, Your Legacy Partners helps the seller connect with opportunities and encourages them to pursue their passion in future investments. For buyers and investors, on the other hand, it strives to provide unparalleled access poised to deliver long-term value on its recent acquisition.

This personalized approach to exit strategies and execution has helped the company carve a niche in the M&A sector. Your Legacy Partners will not rest on its laurels and is set to continue expanding and helping more business owners in their successful transition.