Insurance companies are successfully taking to technology to iron out the creases in claims processes.

FREMONT, CA: In the age of connectivity, there are innumerable ways in which the insurance industry can optimize claims processing and management. Smart devices and advanced sensors have the potential to change the claims process forever. This being the early stages of transformation, the jump might seem overwhelming and challenging for most insurance companies. However, among the stakeholders as well, there is no denying the fact that the insurance claims process is about to be transformed forever. With the ability to synchronize multiple end-points to accumulate critical claims data, insurers can now build systems that not only aid in simplifying claims management and processing but also help the insured prevent accidents. Some of the crucial ways in which modern technology promises to harmonize the claims process are listed below.

• Connected Cars, Connected Home and Better Access to Customer Data

Managing and processing claims in the auto and home insurance segments are expected to get convenient with insurance providers embracing IoT. With IoT devices placed within smart homes and cars, insurers can have real-time access to customer data. These devices transmit information that helps ease claims processing. For example, before a fire accident, a sensor-enabled device placed in a smart home can record all the details necessary to process the claim. Similarly, devices in cars allow insurers to detect the cause of accidents and thus streamline claims.

• Unburdening the Adjusters and Rewarding the CustomersTop Claims Processing and Management Technology Companies

Modern technology gives insurance companies the opportunity to reduce workloads by automating certain aspects of the claims process. With the advancement in AI and ML and the easy availability of third-party claims processing and management solutions, claim adjusters can carry out duties with better accuracy. This directly impacts customer satisfaction since customers get quick responses from service providers after filing claims.

• Prevention of Fraudulent Claims

By incorporating modern technology into the claims processing ecosystem, insurance companies can guard better against potential cyber threats. Claims processing solutions come with built-in intelligence and monitoring capabilities that can alert adjusters against faulty claims and ensure that insurance companies award claims only to deserving customers.

Adopting the right technology at the right time, and with an appropriate technology partner, can be highly advantageous for insurance claims processes.