RegTech is already helping banks in internal policy management, an essential first step to further automate compliance within a bank.

FREMONT, CA: Annual spending on regulatory compliance by banks and financial institutions has increased significantly.  To better manage risks, regulatory bodies expect institutions to report massive amounts of data frequently. RegTech offers a cost-effective solution to meeting these regulatory obligations through digitization and automation. They help financial institutions collect data and produce reports following the format and schedule required by various regulatory bodies. RegTech solutions are helping banks in many ways, and they include.

• Governance

Financial institutions are comprised of complex legal structures, business models, and risks associated with it. Corporate governance defines which these entities directed and controlled. Ineffectively controlled organizations risk legal exposure and costs. The financial services industry is facing challenges that originated from poor data governance. RegTech can cover this entire spectrum of governance, risk, and compliance at the organizational level. It allows internal control and accountability for sensitive data, enhances effectiveness, allows optimal integration, and effective policy and procedure management.

• Data Management

RegTech can also streamline processes, boost data quality, and improve productivity. With RegTech solutions, banks can assess and report on risks and controls more accurately, identify areas of improvement, and achieve time savings through automation. Also, post-crisis regulations are resulting in masses of data being generated, and regulators cannot often analyze the data that they receive, and they fail to prevent criminal use of financial systems. RegTech can be leveraged to analyze these datasets that can provide with the timely decision and appropriate action.

• Cybersecurity

Digital transformation has made the financial industry more vulnerable to attacks. RegTech enables banks to detect hidden frauds within massive amounts of transactional and organizational data with low false positives. The same solutions can be used to streamline treasury operations with the capability of dynamic simulation, market risk analysis, and liquidity risk analysis.

The financial services sector has a rapidly changing regulatory environment, and there is no doubt that RegTech solutions can effectively deal with those chan